Random Acts of Wildness - Day 19

It's been a busy weekend, but I managed some acts of wildness, or at least wildness watching. After a long day labouring at the barns I spent a welcome few moments watching the house martins zooming about  in the dusk light . They are so spectacularly acrobatic, but very difficult to catch on camera in poor light, but I made an attempt. You can just about see  house martin on the picture below. I was quite surprised to see the house martins because we already have swallows nesting in the barns, and I thought that I was doing well seeing those so close. You can actually go into the barn where they fly in (at great speed, I might add), but they then go into another part that is inaccessible to human's for the moment. You can hear the swallows, and they really make a racket, but you can't see them.

house martin