C25K - Couch to 5k Week 8

Another week and yet more pain. This week it's 28 minutes running. I mean, it's only 3 minutes long than last week so why does it feel so much harder? Oh well, at least I am doing it and I won't give up. The first run of week 8 was a bit damp. We had torrential rain the day (and night) before and the long grass was very, very wet. Most of the time I'm running on well-walked short grass, but there's the odd bit's on the corners where the grass is longer. Squish, squish.

The last run is done and another week over. The last run of the week seemed a bit easier, although I'm a bit cream crackered now. I have new trainers because I needed (yes, I really did need) a quick drying pairand now I have a new blister. That will teach me to rip them out the box, whip them on and set off around the field. I needed to set up the laces a bit better so that there was no bagginess and rubbing. Well that's a lesson learned the hard way. Apart from that they were lovely and bouncy - and a super bright purple colour. Whilst running I could hear a tractor in the next field, so when the run was done I grabbed my camera and went to have a look. There are no more buttercups. They've all gone and so has all the grass. The tractor emerged out of the field just as I was reaching the top of the hill, the trailer full of black plastic silage bags. Before and after pictures below.