Barn progress

Steady progress is the best description for the barn conversion. Barn 1 has the gables built up and the first floor is underway, and there is only one bedroom and a bathroom on the first floor so it shouldn't take too long. Fortunately the weather has been very kind and I can't recall any time being missed in April due to rain. Barn 2 has been completely removed, mostly brick by brick, and has now had foundations dug and filled with concrete. A lot of site tidying has also been going on with piles of rubble removed and the huge pile of broken bricks moved across the lane out of the way. It's not quite the barn conversion process that we anticipated as a large part of it has been rebuilt so far, but using the original bricks is at least in keeping with the original concept - and they look absolutely fab. You wouldn't know that a lot of the bricks are quite bashed and broken because the broken faces have been hidden so that only the good side remains in view. There has been a lot of careful brick selection going on by our bricklayer and he is doing an absolutely cracking job. I'm pretty sure the barns will be still standing in another 150 years.