Barn 2 progress

A week of rather dramatic progress with barn 2. It is still coming down brick by brick but with some extra help it has made a big difference. The roof was taken down initially leaving just the big beams which were rather precariously held up by the crumbling walls by just a few centimetres of overlap. I think they came down with a bit of a clatter when pushed! The roof is piled up on the bonfire ready to burn (after the scavengers with log burners had taken their pick!). The pallets of cleaned bricks were moved by the big yellow forklift so that it could get to the stone steps to take them down. The steps are now in our back garden with plans to eventually make raised beds out of them. One day we will be gardening rather than demolishing buildings and cleaning bricks. The remaining walls are extremely wobbly and the bricks are cleaning up really easily. I can attest to this because I've been doing it all weekend. Next week we are hoping that the rest of the building will come down and work will start on the footings for the replacement building.