Building decisions

Today was a busy day. On site we had meeting with the builder, plumber, architect and district heating system engineer. Additionally, Dan the digger and the brickies were also there working away in the background. Lots of questions were answered and a few more were raised with answers yet to be determined. For example, the position of heating pipe runs and heat exchanges for all plots were decided, as well as the position of the water cylinders. We still need to pin down the mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system plans, so that has been left with the heating company for a quote, along with a quote for the fitting of the log burners and also for the pellet silo changes and the solar pv panels - I think he is going to be a busy chap. I just hope he comes up with the right numbers at the bottom of the quotes. This is not as last minute as it sounds as we already have quotes from other companies, but it just made sense for everything to be provided by one (local) company.

 The working drawings are also well underway with a few changes being made due to the badly warped walls being replaced with straight walls. We have also taken this opportunity to make a few minor changes as well. We have been waiting a long time for the barn conversion work to start but this has given us plenty of time to reflect on our original designs especially as we have the plans pinned to the wall around our dining table so we frequently find ourselves gazing contemplatively at our original choices. This week I had fun designing the sauna room so this can now be incorporated into the working drawings. I just hope we don't run out of dosh near the end of the build or it will just be a dream sauna.