Waffling on


Yep, I have a new gadget for the kitchen and as you can probably guess it's a waffle maker. A Belgian waffle maker to be precise. And it's absolutely fab. So far I've made a batch of sourdough spelt waffles which were deliciously crisp on the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside, and tasted heavenly with maple syrup slurped all over them. The second batch were oat, cheese and spinach waffles, which apparently were delicious with a poached egg. I managed to miss this culinary delight due to a washing machine crisis at my mum and dads. The next batch were oat waffles with some 'Aroma Veneziana - Orange & Citrus Essential Oil' and oh my goodness, the aroma waffling out of the kitchen was absolutely out of this world. I bought this oil on a whim from Bakery Bits and just hadn't got around to using any, but I think I've found a really good use for it now. This last batch of waffles is pictured above and has been distributed around the family so I'm just going to have to make some more. I have to say, the family love it when I have a new culinary obsession!