Seaside tranquility

We did it. We finally moved house. Pheeeeyooooo. We were able to spread it out over a number of (interminable) days but we are now ensconced in our temporary little rented apartment. Still in disarray, but it's starting to come together. We managed a brief interlude during the move to get away to the Lincolnshire coast for a bit of respite and recuperation and it was so welcome. It was beautiful. The weather was unseasonably warm, the sun shone and all was well. We managed a few strolls on the promenade, a few visits to the pub and couple of drives up the coast to see the wildlife. We went to Donna Nook to look at the grey seals which come ashore to give birth to their pups in October and November. Apparently, 38% of the world population of grey seals can be found there at this time of year. We went a few years ago and enjoyed it but it is now very popular (and busy) . It was a somewhat surreal visit this time as the RAF base next door were on manoeuvre and we watched the seal pups whilst being buzzed by a helicopter and the distant sound of machine gunning. Weird. Our second trip was to the salt marsh at Saltfleet. The sea was out and the beach and sky stretched for ever and was almost completely empty. It was such a contrast to the beach with the seals. Sleep, eat, breathe and the body batteries recharged enough for the final house move push.