Slow Dough Real Bread


I have a new cook book - Slow Dough REAL BREAD by Chris Young, much to the delight of the family as it means that I am trying out new recipes. I love this book because it has quite a few easy recipes for bread where all the work is done in the fridge overnight, as long fermentation is the name of the game. Today I made Appley Village Buns which have home made egg custard and chopped apricots in the middle and orange icing and flaked almonds on the top. It was a bit gooey and messy to make as you roll out the dough to 30cm x 50cm, spread the custard on the top and then roll it all up. I had custard all over the place, especially when I was cutting the roll into 9 pieces which for some unaccountable reason actually turned out to be 8.  I put it down to custard panic. Anyway, after it had risen for an hour the 8 buns spread out nicely to fill the tin. We had a bun and coffee for early lunch and it was absolutely yum.