Crochet bobble cushion covers

Hoorah, the bobble cushion covers are finished. After a concentrated crochet effort and some steady hand sewing of an evening whilst 'watching' the tennis, the cushion covers are now finished. I contemplated blocking the crochet before attaching to the ready made cushion covers, but then though 'Nah, just sew it'. I figured that gently easing the crochet and pinning to the covers would do the trick and it seemed to work ok. So, are the new cushion covers in all their crisp loveliness now adorning the sofa or bed? Nope, they've been packed away ready for the new house. It will be a lovely surprise when we finally unpack and I find all my crochet and quilty delights.


Of course, apart from the satisfaction of completing something, there is then the fun of choosing the next thing to do. This time I'm attempting something wearable for ME! Whilst on holiday and browsing in mill shops and quirky shops in and around St David's in Pembrokeshire I was drawn to asymmetrical poncho's but didn't find one I liked enough to buy. So now I'm making one! I found a pattern on Garnstudio's website using Drops yarn which I really like so it seemed a no-brainer to have a go. The hardest decision was which colourway to choose! This is also the first time that I have used a pattern that is only a diagram without any written pattern such as '4ch, 2 dc in first ch sp' which, when you think about it, is almost completely gobbledygook. Anyway, after a couple of false starts and a review of the excellent video's on the website, it is now underway.


Sunday is usually 'family tea' day and today it's a birthday tea so I've made an extra special cake - strawberry and cream victoria sponge. Yum.........

Quick crochet update

I am desperately trying to finish bits and pieces whilst trying to resist the lure of starting a new project. I'm currently working on a couple of cushion covers, although I can't remember why I needed to make two and not one 😊. You actually only make the cushion front and then attach to a cushion cover which you can either buy or make. I've opted to buy mine as it is too difficult to wrestle with the sewing machine in our pokey flat. The pattern is from Simply Crochet magazine issue 57, and comprises a centre panel with the bobbles and then a border which you can make to the size you need for the cushion cover. It's lovely working with soft cotton in this warm weather.

Inbetween spells of cushion bobbles I've been trying to finish off some axminster wool from my circular rug and heart and flower garland. This featured in my Crochet Ferris Wheel Coaster post, but I've finally finished the second candle holder to complete the set. I also made a garland/halter for the moose - see below!

I also finished off a crochet bow for a daughter to wear in her hair or as a brooch. It's the same as Shamus the dog's bow tie, but obviously in a girly pink colour.

And finally, this is not my work and it's not crochet, but I need to share it as it's so lovely. It also evokes lovely memories of a great day with the family on holiday in Pembrokeshire. Thanks AC! (Aunty Christine to everyone).