Seaside Autumn Getaway

We have just come back from a much needed holiday away at the seaside on the Lincolnshire Coast. We have been finding barn converting and working very stressful this autumn so were very pleased to get away from it all.

We did lots of walking by the sea and looking for migrating sea birds (not at all knowledgeably), as well as getting plenty of relaxation  We came across an interesting art installation at Chapel Six Marshes; a 'Structure on the Edge' tower overlooking the sea which originated from Lincolnshire County Councils 'Bathing Beauties' project. Its a wind tunnel which funnels the sea breeze up from the floor and washes over the viewer who is looking out of tiny viewing windows. It's also pivots a small way so is a little unnerving when you move towards the viewing window and it tilts downwards.

North Sea Observatory

North Sea Observatory

Another interesting development is the North Sea Observatory at Chapel St Leonards. This is another Lincolnshire County Council project,but from chatting to the owner of the nearby cafe, it's been in progress for about as long as our barns!


On our last day the beautiful weather tempted us out bird watching and we were quite surprised to see lots of birds as we usually find that as soon as we get the binoculars out the birds all fly away. We don't call them bird scarers without reason! We ventured out to Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve and managed to get there quite early before lots of people and had a lovely walk around the bird hides. 

We started our holiday with a visit to Gloucester to see Extreme Robots, the touring version of Robot Wars. It was great fun to see all these very clever robots all having a go at destroying each other, although it must be a bit heartrending after so much work building a robot to see reduced to a pile of bashed up bits and pieces. I loved seeing a Dalek up close too!