#30 days wild at Minsmere

After a flurry of barn conversion related admin and anxiety over the past few weeks  we were able to (almost) forget about it and unwind and relax during our holiday over Spring Half Term. Typically we were holidaying in the coldest area of the country for that particular week on the east coast of England in Suffolk and then in Lincolnshire. On the west coast they were basking in 23°c heat whilst we had a miserly 11°c fresh (ie cold) north wind, with occasional showers to add to the misery. However, we were undeterred and intrepid and visited Minsmere nature reserve in Suffolk and spotted a Bittern, marsh harriers, muntjac deer and  the Spring Watch TV crew setting up for filming. Can the film crew be classed as 30 days wild? I'm going to take it as an official wild sighting.