Beautiful building site

Our barn conversion site is not quite a building site yet, but more of a pre-building site. As this is all set to change in the next couple of weeks, here are few photo's of the garden and some horticultural happiness before building commences.

Admittedly the photo of the garden shed does not portray a horticultural vision but is important to us as it is our domestic garden oasis of calm. This is because our current temporary accommodation is pretty grim. Practical but not pretty would be a kind way of describing our rented flat and we are so looking forward to moving out of it and to our newly converted barn, if it ever happens. Here are a few photo's of our barn conversion in retro style, though these are the before pictures. One day I hope to have some after photo's.

And to finish off this post, here are a couple of photo's of the view we will eventually have one day, although it still seems such a long way off. NB more details of our barn conversion adventure can be found on our barn conversion blog