Christmas rush crochet

I thought Christmas was under control. How wrong could I be. I've been tempted into making more......well, more bootees, Christmas presents, Christmas decorations. I just can't stop myself. First of all, the baby bootees are just so satisfyingly quick to make I just had to make some more.

baby bootees

Next job was to make something for secret santa at work. Since there are mostly blokes where I work I considered it a good plan to make something manly. I decided to make up a quick crochet slouchy beanie 'Boshi' style. I even attached a 'myBoshi' label from Hobbycraft to give it 'designer' appeal, although it's not on the photo below. I used a lovely yarn from Drops, a wool and alpaca mix.


Now in full beanie flow, I used up some left over wool to whip up a quick beanie for my Dad for Christmas. Perhaps not the most stylish for a gentleman of (very) mature years, but I'm sure he will wear it if it is cold enough. I like that it has a bright stripe so that he can be seen!

The Simply Crochet magazine has made it very difficult to for me to draw to a close my Christmas crochet. Issue 37 has a lovely little Christmas tree decoration which I adapted to make the little lovelies below. I stuffed the little trees and then made a base for each of them. Today I embellished them with some bauble like beads. Adding the beads was the most horrible job because I decided to use invisible thread and it's flippin' invisible. I was glad when they were finished and all wrapped up and ready to go.

Now my dears..........the deer heads are not finished, but getting a bit closer. The next steps are to complete the mount for each, and to assemble them.

And now for another work in progress. Simply Crochet magazine issue 38 has so many tempting Christmas decorations that I couldn't resist. This is the progress so far on a Christmas gnome.