Scrubby shower mitt.......or the rough with the smooth

Another xmas present. This time it's for one of the lads. I figured that tea light holders would not necessarily be their thing. So plan B is for some shower accoutrements (I had to check how to spell that one because the spell checker doesn't think it is spelled properly - anyway, I meant accessories). I decided to try and make a sort of bath mitt with different textures on each side so that one side would give a good scrubbing, ok.....exfoliation, and the other side would polish or smooth their cares away....... See what you think.


Please understand that we dont' normally (or ever) shower outside at any time of year, it was just better light for photo's! To make the scrubby, I adapted the facecloth pattern from the Crochet Home magazine, making the facecloth with a slightly textured 2dc miss a dc (repeated). Then I made a second facecloth with a twisted treble pattern. This makes a bumpy raised pattern ideal for exfoliating. I then joined the two pieces together with a double crochet seam and then made a rib along the bottom. The final step was to join the side and end seams. The yarn used is a cotton/acrylic blend, but it's lovely and soft and as you can see has it's Sirdar 'Simply Recycled' aran weight. I've yet to see how it performs when wet!

This is how it looked before finishing the seams.