Just keep packing.....

just keep packing, packing, packing. I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo and am singing along as I'm packing. There's sooooo much to pack, although I had a little baking interlude as Sunday is family tea day and the tradition is to get the team together for a light bite and a chat. Today I made a victoria sponge and some sourdough cheese scones. Since I have a self imposed embargo on baking sourdough bread during the packing period, I need to keep the sourdough 'starter' alive so I've been using it for scones and pancakes. I'm missing the bread baking though. I know it sounds a bit soppy, but my little spell of baking soothed my brain from the rising packing panic. It must be something to do with the routine and normality of measuring out the ingredients, mixing the cake and watching it rise in the oven, and just making something comforting and lovely for the family to share.


Yes, I know the scones look a bit wholesome. They are made with spelt and barley flour with most of the bran sieved out, so are actually not as wholesome as they could be. They taste nice anyway as I've already done a taste test. Baker's privilege and all that! The cake is also made from spelt (again, with some bran sieved out) - it's stealth tactics to make sure the team get some goodness with the badness.