baby blanket

This is another retrospective post as we had a beautiful new baby in the family at the beginning of August......Oscar became the newest member of the family and for once I had a present finished and waiting. 

The blanket is a ripple pattern made from King Cole Pricewise yarn in Natural, Mushroom, Fallow and Oyster. It's a lovely soft DK acrylic yarn which is not expensive. I bought the first batch from a little shop called 'Excelsior Crafts and Interiors' in Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire while on holiday. It's a great little shop and I also couldn't resist a bargain of some Katia - a linen and cotton blend. I have plans to make a jumper for the summer. It will have to be next summer now -  I've been distracted with some xmas presents......shhhhh it's a secret!