Wendy Wensleydale wins gold at Bakewell Show!

I entered the 'Show us yer sheep' competition at Bakewell Show. Bakewell is a lovely market town in the Peak District in Derbyshire and the show is a typical countryside agricultural affair with animals, local food and crafts. The competition was run by Peak FM radio and was for a home made sheep. It was originally a competition for local schools but so many adults wanted to make a sheep that the competition was opened to everyone.

Having recently been on holiday to Wensleydale in Yorkshire, I had an idea for making sheep shaped cushion that would make me smile, which is always a good reason for doing something. The cushion cover was made from an old cardigan which was cut up and stitched with an overlocker (serger). I made some buttonholes on the sewing machine and then added some nice big wooden buttons which you can't actually see unless you dig into the sheepy hair - I know that they are there and that's good enough for me.  I then pinched some co-ordinating wool from another project and worked out how to make ringlets (or dreadlocks) that are typical of the coat of a wensleydale sheep. Mine of course are in a funky pink and purple combination not quite so typical of a real sheep. I made the head and legs from the cardigan and some more ringlets for a fringe. I spent far too long making eyes and ears and legs, but hey, I was having fun playing in my little sewing room. Anyway, one sheep later and I can boast that I entered a sheep in the show and won!

Since making Wendy, a friend was so taken with it that she wanted to make her own. In fact she is making a whole flock. She is a crochet beginner so we had a few weekly crochet and overlocking sessions (with the help of some chilled white wine and lots of nattering) and the result is wonderful Webecca Wensleydale (so far).

Wendy and Webecca Wensleydale