Lazy Sunday afternoon

Well, more like lazy all day. Still feeling under the weather so spent much of the day cozied up on the sofa with a little easy crochet listening to an audio book. The hearts and flowers bunting is coming along beautifully and I love listening to a story while hooking or sewing. I'm currently listening to a Terry Pratchett story. Well actually, I usually listen to some Terry Pratchett. I've got nearly all of his audio books and love the humour and quirkiness. It's also easy to dip into and out of the story if you are familiar with it. If I'm doing something a bit repetitive I can listen to something new, but any time I need to really concentrate on a tricky bit I lose the thread of the story and have to go back. 

We had a mini family tea today as the kids are mostly all tied up with christmassy socialising, so it was easy to prepare for with some still warm bread and a few mince pies and jam tarts. We are working our way through the stock of home made mincemeat and jam. Next year will be a bit of a lean year for the home made preserves unless I can do some serious groundwork in the garden at the barns.