Nana's knitting

After writing my last post I've been thinking about my Nana. She is no longer with us but rummaging through her knitting needles brought to mind the last item I can remember her knitting......the essential tea time favourite, the tea cosy. I'm not sure if it should be 'Cosy' or 'Cozy'. I'm going to go with 'Cosy'. 

Now, Nana only made one sort of tea cosy and made it so many times she didn't need to use a pattern. I can only remember her making it in the same colour as well. It was always a willow green and lemon to match the kitchen. In her memory, I decided to make one too. I found the pattern in a brilliant tea cosy book "Tea Cozies" by Virginia Brehaut. As you can see from the cover picture, I was drawn to this book! I've actually made a couple of the patterns from the book, but the one below is my rather feeble (but well used) homage to Nana. I had to rescue it from a packed box to take it's photo, and then I couldn't find a teapot to model it on. Sigh.....packing is not at all fun. I'm quite determined to make a new one, but it won't be for a while because the book is packed as well. Doh.


I had to close this post with this fabulous retro teapot cosy found at Grandma Dorothy's. It was made for a gi-normous tea pot which is has been redistributed within the family ready to come out for the appropriate (large) family gathering and has now been reunited with it's own very special cosy. I would love to make this.