Digging out a tree root

Dan the digger was tasked with moving the big pile of soil from the road clearing deposited next to the buildings. The ideal place for it all was to infill the big dip at the front of the barns where the additional car park area will be. The first task was to dig out the sycamore tree root. Now this would have been a herculean task to do it by hand so we were immensely relieved to have Dan on the case. Since I was at work Mr Barn videoed it for me. I do love a vid of a digger.......and if you look carefully you will see Dan's dog sitting in the cab.

Just to remind you how humungous the sycamore tree was, here is a time lapse video of the tree being taken down last year. If you think that it was a shame to take the tree down, we know that it was 40 years old because our neighbours remembered planting it........a sycamore can continue growing for 200+ years!