Footings for new walls

A progress report. At last a progress report. Over the last couple of weeks a lot has happened. Barn 1 has planning permission for new walls courtyard side to make the barn bigger. Now we have visual evidence of this because the courtyard and interior walls are down and the floors and the footings dug out. Some of the footings have been filled with concrete, with the next load to be delivered on Monday. Hip Hip Hoorah! Somewhat alarmingly the front wall of barn 1 was supposed to be left standing but when the floors were dug out the wall gently toppled away and leaned against the scaffolding. Fortunately the planning officer has inspected and allowed the wall to be demolished and rebuilt with the same bricks. This certainly makes it an easier job for our structural engineer and builder. The one remaining wall for this barn has to stay as it forms the back of next doors garage and I don't think a decision has been made on how to deal with the footings at the base of this wall yet.

It almost seems like an aside to the flurry of activity on barn 1, but the remaining roof tiles on the other barns have also been removed so it's all open air barning now. Our 'barns for conversion' are turning into piles of brick and rubble. We are trying not to worry!