Roofing felt on barn 1 and 2

Panorama of barn 1 and 2. You can just see the footings for barn 3

Panorama of barn 1 and 2. You can just see the footings for barn 3


The roofs on barn 1 and 2 are getting there......slow but  sure. The roofing felt and most of the fixing points for the solar pv panels are in place plus the guttering. Next are the tiles which are being delivered this week (and fitted we hope). The roof tiles as per the plan are not available until January. plan B was required. The planning officer in charge of our build has agreed to a similar tile to the proscribed tiles as these are available immediately. To be honest, I don't really care as long is it goes on soon. We couldn't afford staffordshire blues so the looky likeys are all very similar to the staffies so I just want them on. 


Barn 3 is moving onwards. The foundations are done and next is the sub floor. We met up with our architect in the week to finalise the plans and made a few last minute changes. I've been doing some pacing around inside the foundations planning where the furniture will go and we made a couple of window and door changes. The main changes are to move a doorway from the courtyard side of the living room side to the garden side and to join it together with the existing one to make a big glass window and move it to the middle of the wall so that we have a view into the garden. This is what we wanted all along but now it's a rebuild, we can make some non material amendments. Additionally, since planning the courtyard garden we decided that we are going to have an opening door from the kitchen into the courtyard to make the most of beautiful evening sunshine for alfresco eating as the sun sinks down in the west. Having sat outside eating the occasional takeaway in the courtyard over the last couple of years we have come to appreciate the sheltered sunny spot outside what will be the kitchen.

After seeing some progress on site and in the plans it has renewed our excitement so this weekend we have been out there tidying and brick cleaning. I've been in charge of brick cleaning which is now at the front of the barns so a much different view. It's also quite sociable as we have quite a few walkers and dog walkers passing either along the lane or on the footpath. It's been nice chatting about the barns. I can bore for hours in great detail about what we are doing and what is happening!