First Fix

Things have moved on since my last post. We now have roof tiles, roof windows and solar pv panels on barns 1 and 2 and work has now moved inside. The water pipes have been laid throughout the two barns and also the flow and return pipes for the heating and now the floor insulation has been laid ready for the underfloor heating, which is next. We have also had a walk round barn 1 with the electrician Mark Sparks to work out where we want everything. I don't think that is his real name, but that's how his phone number was passed to us :)

We need to arrange for the windows to be delivered after the floor is finished. They were made in May I think, but until the roof was on there was no point in having them delivered. Whatever happened to the summer? Then, when the windows and doors are in it will finally be watertight in barn 1.

We also had a visit from the Kitchenworld man to make sure that the kitchen dimensions ended up being the same as the plan, and also to check that we had water and drains in the right places. So, on the face of it, we are seemingly making some good progress. However, it still is very slow. Frustratingly slow. We are getting really fed up in our rented flat and need for it all to be finished so that we can get on with our lives. At the moment we would be happy to move into barn 1 and then get finish barns 2 and 3, but we really would like to be in by Christmas. It's a bit like the war -  it'll be over by Christmas.