A monster chipper

We  hired this monster chipping machine to clear the big pile of cuttings from felling the trees. It certainly did the business in short order. We booked it for a day, but due to a mixup was only able to collect it at 1pm instead of 7:30am. We thought this would ruin our chances of getting the job finished in a day, but with a couple of helpers we managed to clear 2 enormous piles of cuttings in an afternoon. It was certainly a voraciously hungry machine, and we were relieved that we hadn't booked if on the same day as cutting down the trees as we would never have managed to keep it fully occupied.  There's a nice big pile of mulch to keep the weeds down now! We plan to hire it again in the autumn when we can thin out some more bushes and trees when we can be sure there are no birds nesting. We wanted to attack a thicket of holly, but it is absolutely full of birdsong, so chances are it is full of nests!