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I'm Heather and this is my diary of making and baking, places I have visited, local walks and general chit chat about Derbyshire. I enjoy learning new techniques for crochet, textile art or baking (or knitting, embroidery, dyeing, quilting.....anything really) and most of the things I make are given away to family and friends so this blog encourages me to take photo's and make notes so that I won't forget what I've done!

We are in the middle of a barn conversion project which is beginning to feel like a hobby because it has been going on so long. It's exciting, stressful, interesting, terrifying, time consuming....... you get the picture!  We are converting a modest range of brick built victorian stables and barns set in a traditional 'U' shape around a courtyard, which will form three houses when completed. If you have watched Grand Designs or Restoration Man on tv you might be interested in our project. Go to 'Barn Conversion Blog' to follow our progress.

I would love hear from you so please contact me or comment on any of my blog posts if anything catches your interest.